By: Madison Alworth

Homepolish is like online dating for interior design. Interested clients can find the ultimate match for their style and budget.

The highly-selective website pairs interested clients can with a high-end, professional designers who get paid varying rates by the hour.

"It's about personality, working style," said the founder and CEO Noa Santos. "And when you make the right match, it's like a marriage."

Santos, who left his job at a high-end interior design firm to start Homepolish six years ago, said clients had grown distrustful of big firm and huge overhead costs. His online agency aims to provide clients with a personal touch by vetting all the designers.

When launching a career, a designer needs a portfolio. But to have a portfolio, a designer needs work. Homepolish is a reliable and respected platform that helps designers get both. There is a waiting list of over 1,000 designers who want to join the platform.

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