For those yearning to get verified on Twitter and get that coveted blue checkmark, the day is finally here – again.
Twitter relaunched its Twitter Blue monthly plan today for a monthly fee of $8, or $11 if you are an iOS user due to Apple App store fees. Users can get a blue checkmark as part of their name and as part of the subscription, which was previously reserved for notable people and accounts on the platform.

But unlike the original launch of Twitter Blue, a blue checkmark this time around will only be given with several checks and balances. Each account will be manually verified before the designation is given. The accounts must be active, meaning used within the last 30 days, have a profile picture and a name, be older than 90 days and have a confirmed phone number. In addition, users will not be verified if they changed their Twitter username, photo or display name changes within the last 7 days or are attempting to be misleading.

The company will also add different kinds of verification checkmarks, including a gold checkmark for businesses and a grey checkmark for government officials. People who previously were manually verified through Twitter’s last system will retain their blue checkmark, although it is unclear how long that will last for.

Previously, when owner and CEO Elon Musk announced anyone who joined Twitter Blue would automatically get the verified blue check mark, it led to a host of headaches for him and his team. Notably, parody accounts sprung up including for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, which falsely announced the company was giving away free insulin, causing shares to plummet and the company to lose $15 billion in market cap value at the time.

In addition to the verification checkmark, Twitter Blue will come with other benefits. The ability to edit tweets, upload longer videos and upload better quality videos at 1080p are included. Twitter Blue users will also see 50 percent less advertisements, and when they reply to tweets, their responses will appear above everyone else’s.