In a special episode of "Your Future Home," live from Quicken Loans' headquarters in Detroit, we take a look at the Motor City's ongoing comeback. From businesses to art, Downtown Detroit is undergoing a complete makeover. Quicken Loans is one of the companies at the heart of Detroit's revitalization. Jay Farner, the company's CEO, explains why Quicken decided to go all-in and move its headquarters to Downtown Detroit. One of the keys to the city's comeback is its housing market revival. Laura Grannemann, Vice President of Strategic Investments at the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund, discusses what it takes to jump-start a struggling real estate market. Before people packed up their things and moved to Detroit, there needed to be jobs. Dan Mullen, President at Bedrock, and Katy Cockrel, Owner of Detroit Blows, explain what it takes to bring more businesses to the area. Plus, we'll speak to an artist that is helping give Detroit a new look. Sydney James explains why it's important for local artists to get involved in the beautification of their own neighborhoods.