EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Execs on How "Streampunks" Are Changing the Content Market

August 25, 2017

YouTube executives Robert Kyncl and Maany Peyvan, co-authors of "Streampunks," join Jon at our Altice studio at the Palm in East Hampton to talk about the changing state of the media market. Kyncl, chief business officer at the video streaming site, says YouTube stars are building real brands and global businesses, and that what stands out for content creators is that the platform lets publishers stay in control of their audiences.

Peyvan, lead writer at YouTube, says in the early days, there had been concerns over what kind of economic impact the internet would have on the media landscape, but that the creative revolution that has taken place has actually created opportunities for all creators.

"Streampunks," which will be released just after the Labor Day holiday, details the rise of YouTube and tells the stories of the publishers who have built their careers on the platform.