California Congressman Eric Swalwell Talks the Debt Ceiling Deal and DACA with Cheddar

September 8, 2017

Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell speaks with Cheddar about President Trump's latest decision to align himself with Democrats on an extension of the debt ceiling. Cheddar host Kori Hale pressed the congressman on whether continually raising the ceiling is a wise move. Swalwell notes that even though the government is spending large amounts of money, it is for a reason and that passing Harvey relief was a necessity.

We speak about airlines's reported price gouging as multiple hurricanes rage through the Atlantic. The Congressman notes that he is working on legislation to ensure companies can no longer do that.

We also speak with Congressman Swalwell about the "solution" that Congress will have to work on for DACA after the President announced earlier this week that he would end the program. But what will a resolution look like? Some have speculated that if DACA remains in place, Republicans might use it as leverage to get funding for the border wall. With regard to that possibility, Congressman Swalwell says, "I will not trade a wall for the Dream Act."