!!!!DO NOT PUBLISH!!!! Value-Based Financial Planning & Black Friday Hacks

November 22, 2017
Updated 4mo ago
Your Cheddar hosts Hope King and Tim Stenovec talk about Uber's credit card hack and what it means for users of the ride-hailing app. Plus, does talking about money with your spouse usually end up in a fight? David Bach, Co-Founder of AE Wealth Management and Author of "Smart Couples Finish Rich," joins Your Cheddar to explain how to turn those fights into millions. He talks about value-based financial planning. If you don't know "why" you are saving your money you won't save anything at all. He suggests writing down your top 5 values and comparing them with your spouse's. You can then look to spend and save money in ways that align with your core values. In addition, Courtney Jespersen, Consumer Savings Expert at NerdWallet, joins Your Cheddar to discuss the best shopping tips and tricks this holiday season. When it comes to Black Friday Jespersen says, "Stay on the couch!" There are more deals happening online than in the store. She also suggests looking at prices before you start shopping so you don't waste time finding the best deal when Black Friday rolls around.