Girlgaze Founder Talks Google Partnership and Focusing on Gen-Z

November 20, 2017

Social media maven Amanda de Cadenet started her companyy Girlgaze as a social hashtag, but soon after was able to grow it into an offline media company.

Girlgaze is a digital media company that promotes the work of female photographers and directors.

De Cadenet shared with Cheddar how her organization has landed her a partnership with Google Pixel, to further help support young female-identifying photographers and directors, as they start their career.

She explained that big partnerships like that help legitimize the photographers and accelerate their goals.

The entrepreneur spoke with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles about what inspired her to create the company, and how much she would have appreciated an organization that supported her the same way that she's created a platform that supports women, as she was starting out in the industry.


FEMALE_1: So I've been working with brands for a long time because of my interview series, The Conversation, and so I have a lot of experience of working with different companies. Certainly working with someone like Google, any time you can work with a brand that funds, uh, your talent, that is an incredible opportunity because as we all know, having, choosing a creative life is not o- is often not the most lucrative. [LAUGHTER].

FEMALE_2: Right.

FEMALE_1: And so to be able to work with a company like Google, um, or Shinola, I'm trying to think who else we've done stuff with. Whenever you work with a company that is able to participate in executing and creating, um, you know, creative content that is on brand it's, it's a- it's an amazing gift.

FEMALE_2: And, and let's talk about Gen Z as your target demo.

FEMALE_1: Yes.

FEMALE_2: So why did you decide to focus in on this demographic?

FEMALE_1: Well they're an amazing demographic of, of, you know, individual. They are- when I, I interviewed Hillary Clinton on my interview series on the conversation, and I did the first one-on-one sit down with her, and people were really frustrated that it wa- or shocked that it wasn't like Anderson Cooper or Diane Sawyer.

FEMALE_2: Right.

FEMALE_1: And why did she choose to do it with me. And, you know, what we realize is that the demographic that watches my content is, is young women, um, who care, who have an opinion, who want the world to be a better place, to have ideas on how it can be better. And as I was making that show, I realized that my demographic was getting younger and younger, and I was like, "Why is it getting younger?" And the more research I did, I realized, "Oh. Gen Z cares about transparency, about authenticity, about telling the truth, about hearing stories, about communication." And that's what I do on my show. And so I realized that no one was making anything for that demographic.

FEMALE_2: Right.

FEMALE_1: And they are an incredible.

FEMALE_2: People are so afraid of that demographic. They don't really know how to tackle them.

FEMALE_1: Which is, which is astounding to me because they are incredible. For me, working with this demographic of young woman and young, and young girl is phenomenal because they are so um, communicative. They know what they care about. They demand answers, and they ask questions that are smart. I love working with them.