America's Hottest Hipster City May Surprise You

October 13, 2017
Updated 4mo ago and Yelp recently released their list of the country's hottest hipster cities. Surprisingly, Brooklyn didn't even make the top 10! Javier Vivas, Director of Economic Research at breaks down the hippest hoods and the methodology that went into creating the list. So which city came out on top? Columbus, Ohio! With affordability rates falling across the country, it can be a tough for a first-time buyer to get into the market. But this metro offers reasonable prices, a high standard of living, and cool amenities. The definition of what constitutes a "hipster" may vary from city to city. But Vivas says the top-ten list was put together by combining data from Yelp reviews and statistics about demand, giving a rich, diverse picture of what's really attractive to millennial buyers. In terms of returns on investment, Vivas says prices overall are rising about 10%, and that's having a spillover effect on these hot markets. But if you're looking for value, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Rochester, New York look best.