Minneapolis Councilwoman on Sexual Harassment: There Won't Be Any Men Working

November 20, 2017

The 2017 campaign season ushered in a string of boundary-breaking elections across the United States.

Voters swept Democratic candidates from underrepresented communities into office in the party's first major victory of the Trump era. Andrea Jenkins is the first openly transgender African-American woman ever elected to public office.

The newly-elected Minneapolis City Councilwoman joined Cheddar to discuss her big win.

Jenkins put the November elections in perspective, drawing comparisons between herself and other history-making candidates, such as Virginia's Danica Roem. She also gives a prediction as to whether Democrats can keep these trends going into 2018 and beyond.

Finally, we discussed the dozens of sexual misconduct allegations rocking both Hollywood and Washington D.C. A second woman came forward Monday with more claims that Senator Al Franken touched her inappropriately. Jenkins says if these kind of allegations keep surfacing, there won't be any men left in Washington D.C. eligible to lead.


FEMALE_1: Uh, the momentum is strong, whether or not the Democrats can harness it and really keep it moving forward, Um, I'm just uh, deeply dismayed by the continuous daily, you know, um, reports of- of sexual harassment. I mean, pretty soon there won't be any men working in any jobs, at anywhere. Uh, so, you know, um, we're going to have to address that issue and overcome that. But um, you know, the momentum is absolutely there. Um, I was just at, um, a convening of women-