Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov, co-founders of Vine & the new app "HQ Trivia", join Cheddar to discuss the live game show format they've created. Kroll said almost 14,000 people played the game at 9 pm on Sunday night, and the contest gave away over $1,200. The main focus is making the game as big as possible...which means eventually giving away $1 million in prizes! The Vine co-founders know a thing or two about short format video and wanted to build the game show so it captivated an audience for no longer than 15 minutes. The game goes live at 3 pm ET and 9 pm ET each day, including weekends and holidays. They want to build anticipation by combining gaming, live video, and Hollywood production. Scott Rogowsky, host of HQ Trivia, also joins Cheddar to discuss how he got the job as the game show host and quizzes Cheddar anchors Kristen Scholer and Jon Steinberg!