Top Chef Tom Colicchio Says the U.S. Can Solve Hunger Issue Tomorrow

November 21, 2017

Tom Colicchio, celebrity chef and founder of New York's Gramercy Tavern discusses his "A Place at the Table" initiative, which seeks to end hunger in the U.S.

We ask Colicchio why America, the wealthiest country in the world, has citizens that are hungry and why it seems to be a struggle to solve the issue. Colicchio notes that over 40 million Americans struggle with hunger in the U.S. on a daily basis, he says that the problem can be solved if the U.S. government increased funding to SNAP - the government food assistance program for low-income Americans.

Colicchio also discussed the importance of healthy foods and how, if we provided more Americans with access to good nutrition, healthcare costs would go down because we would be able to prevent diseases like diabetes.


MALE_1: We could solve the issue of hunger tomorrow, if we just fully funded snap. Um, it will take about another $30 billion a year. So currently we're spending around, 60 billion a year. Um, if it were $90 billion a year, we'd pretty much be able to feed everybody. It's-it's is not the issue of calories, it's not an issue of- of- of the amount of food, it's just access to food. And, when I say access not having the dollars to actually feed your family adequately. And then, you have a- a bigger issue in this country, calories are cheap and nutrition is expensive. And so, now we're talking about something different. We're talking about not just having the money to feed your family poor quality food, we are trying to feed them food that- that is- is more nutritious. Now, let's try to look at why that's important. Currently we're spending 200 billion dollars a year on healthcare that is related to poor diet. Whether it's diabetes, heart disease, other issues that relate to obesity. So the only way we're really going bring healthcare costs down in this country, is by making a healthier population.