Cloudflare CRO: "Security and Privacy at Forefront" of What We Do

By Jacqueline Corba

With 10 percent of all internet traffic running through its service, Cloudflare is positioned to play a larger role in protecting user data online, said its chief revenue officer Chris Merritt.

"We play an important part of the ecosystem," said Merritt. "We have a responsibility to act responsibly."

In an interview with Cheddar's Hope King at Netsuite-18 in Las Vegas, Merritt said internet users are looking for better resources to protect their data, but they still want quick and easy access to information. Cloudfare can help, he said, by connecting consumers and the businesses trying to reach them to the internet at the same time in a sort of "network effect."

"If we are the fastest DNS provider for consumers, and also the fastest DNS provider for businesses together there's that benefit," said Merritt.

This month, Cloudflare launched its first consumer product called, which speeds up users' access to the internet and adds another layer of data protection.

For full interview, click here.

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