Recreational marijuana is officially legal in California. This makes it the sixth state to go green after Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, and Colorado. Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) shares his lessons from the legalization and regulation of marijuana in his state for California.

Hickenlooper told Cheddar's Baker Machado and Brad Smith one of the biggest lessons he learned was the need to regulate edibles to ensure they are properly packaged to keep marijuana away from children. "California is obviously going to be the biggest player in the legalized recreational marijuana industry. But that shouldn't impact those of us that came first," said Hickenlooper. "They've been very attentive in trying to learn from our mistakes."

More than $200 million dollars in tax revenue will be generated from legal marijuana sales in Colorado in 2017. Hickenlooper says he is using this revenue in his state to address the unintended consequences of marijuana.