Diversity On Campus: The San Francisco State and Cornell Strikes 50 Years Later

Diversity in America: it's a story of slow progress beginning with the Civil Rights Movement that continues to this day. Two events that set these changes into motion were the protests at San Francisco State and Cornell University in the late sixties. The new documentary "Agents of Change" looks at how the strikes have impacted America 50 years later.

Filmmakers Frank Dawson and Abby Ginzberg explain why they decided to tell this story. Both Dawson and Ginzberg went to Cornell University, and felt it was an important story that many people today don't know about. They spent seven years putting the film together.

When asked about freedom of speech on today's college campuses, especially related to alt-right movements, Ginzberg says people need to be sure to educate themselves on what's going on. "The alt-right is targeting certain college campuses. People need to be educated about what is happening and not take the bait."

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