The "Top Chef" season finale will be a Southside Chicago showdown, with Windy City natives Joe Flamm and Adrienne Cheatham squaring off in the show's final round. They join Cheddar to look back at their time on the iconic reality competition series. The show's fifteenth season saw some of the country's leading chefs head to Colorado for an epic culinary competition.

Both chefs faced a bumpy road before making it to the finale. Cheatham started out struggling before her finding her footing and establishing herself as one of the strongest chefs in the competition. Flamm was eliminated before returning to the competition after being named the winner of Last Chance Kitchen.

Finally, we put Cheatham and Flamm on the spot with our own version of a Quickfire Challenge. Watch them answer our rapid-fire questions to find out their favorite delivery apps. We also get their thoughts on why there wasn't a weed-themed challenge, even though the season was set in Colorado.