Facebook Takes On LinkedIn With New Job Listing Feature

February 28, 2018

Facebook is launching a new initiative to take on job listing sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Cheddar Senior Reporter Alex Heath spoke with Facebook VP of Local Alex Himel about the launch of this product in an exclusive interview.

"Local is about building tools for connecting people and businesses," said Himel. "We're working on a lot more tools where users can find what they are looking for."

Facebook announced plans Wednesday to expand its job listing feature to more than 40 countries.

"We've seen good results for businesses, and we've seen a lot of people able to find work," said Himel.


MALE_1: Everyone, I'm here in New York with Facebook's Alex Himel, he's the VP of Local at Facebook, uh, where they just had an announcement today talking about jobs on Facebook. Alex, thanks so much for joining us here in Cheddar. [NOISE]

MALE_2: Thanks, Alex. [NOISE]

MALE_1: Um, so, you've been on Facebook for a long time. Uh, you're the VP of Local. Can you explain a little bit about what that entails, uh, before we get to the jobs listing announcement that was today. Uh, wh- what is local to Facebook? What does that mean? [NOISE]

MALE_2: Sure. So, uh, Local is one of the product groups of Facebook's. So, Facebook's organized in a different product groups of folks in different areas. Um, a Local is about building tools for connecting people in businesses. So, jobs is one of those products where, you know, what more meaningful way to connect then for businesses to find people to hire, or people to find jobs. Um, so it's a number of products for connecting people in businesses. [NOISE]

MALE_1: Okay. And there's also a local section of the app that's being worked on, right? But you guys are experimenting with like making Facebook even more local, and giving people like a local hub of, of information about businesses, about events, that's something that's part of what you do as well, right? [NOISE]

MALE_2: Sure. So, uh, for a while, um, we built that tools for businesses to reach people, you know, they could, people could connect to a page, and then stay in touch with what the business is up to. And we're working on a lot more tools where users can find what they're looking for. So, as the parts of the app where we're making the events dashboard more useful and discovery oriented. There's a local section. We also have a local app, that we launched and it's, it's, it's growing, um, our search efforts where you can search for businesses on Facebook, we're investing there as well. It's just a collection of tools where, you know, if you're looking for a place to eat, you're looking for someone to watch your kids, you're looking for, um, a plumber, you know, we're trying them, er, you're looking for something to do this weekend, we're trying to make that easy for you as a user to find what you're looking for. [NOISE]

MALE_1: Okay. Um, and so the announcement today, jobs, uh, you guys- this is uh, you know, Facebook basically, allowing people to, uh, search for jobs, apply for jobs all on Facebook. You initially roll this out in the US and Canada about a year ago. Um, now today, you're rolling it out globally 40 countries. Um, so I'm curious, obviously, something works over the last year when you were testing it in the US and Canada. What did you learn over the last, you know, year since this is, uh, you know, first announced to today? [NOISE]

MALE_2: Yes. So we launched in US in Canada a year ago. Since then, we've seen, um, some pretty exciting junction of the product, where we've seen people like uh, Troy Roberson with a Striper Sniper Tackle is here today, um, was able to post the jobs, 27 applications immediately, hired 10 of them. So, we've seen good, good results for businesses, and we've seen a lot of people able to find work as well. We just did a study with Morning Consult that found one in four people in the US have used Facebook to search for or find a job. Some of that is organically with job seeker groups, and less formal methods, but, um, quite a bit of that is also using the jobs product. And so we're seeing good results for people finding, looking for work, and good results for businesses. And uh, we're excited to roll out to 40 countries, uh, internationally. [NOISE]

MALE_1: Yeah. There was a lot of talk this morning about Facebook and small businesses. And this is something you guys talk about on the Ads platform a lot, how Facebook helps small businesses. I'm curious for you and for Local, what the- what does a small business world mean to Facebook? How does Facebook help that world, right? Um, because there's, there's a lot of interesting examples of what you guys do for small businesses but with Local specifically, what does that look like? [NOISE]

MALE_2: Sure. We have 70 million active businesses on our platform. And we've created a very easy and inexpensive solution for those businesses to create a presence, you know, describe who they are, what products and services they offer, and uh, find new customers, and re-engage with existing ones. So we've created, um, those tools, ad certainly plays a big part in that, where it's, um, very inexpensive but highly effective to target, um, the audience you want to reach. But we're increasingly investing in um, non-paid tools. So jobs, it's free. It's free for job applicants, it's free for businesses to post, um, our uh, services product with appointment booking, and our job right, er, um, our recommendations product you can ask your friends for things. Like these are all free tools, where people and businesses can connect in ways that are valuable to them. [NOISE]

MALE_1: We- you know, saw a Facebook's recent announcement with the News Feed, you know, Mark Zuckerberg saying that you all are going to prioritize friends in the News Feed more. I'm curious how jobs, and how what you do with Local fits into that whole mission of, you know, building closer relationships between people, right? Because this is uh, it's different, it's a business to person relationship versus, uh, people to people relationship, right? So, there's different kinds of relationships on Facebook. How do you see, what you guys do on a business an advertiser side influencing the friend to friend part of Facebook? [NOISE]

MALE_2: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the, the core of Facebook has always been connecting with the people, and things that matter most here. And, uh, the products that we're working on especially jobs product are just meant to be, um, additive to that. Now, um, there is, um, we made a post on the hard questions blog about well-being, and time spent kind of all the trade-offs that, that Mark has talked about. And we fundamentally believe that if, if you are having valuable interactions on our platform that it will be good for your well-being. And jobs, if you're a person who's looking for a job, and finding work, we believe that's a pretty meaningful interaction. And if you're a business, who you know, really needs to hire whether you're, um, Lakeview Kitchen in Market in Chicago, Edible Arrangements in North Carolina, and you find that person you're looking for, we think that's really meaningful, and valuable. And so we think it's, it's very aligned with what we're trying to do uh, uh, for our users, um, but of course, you know, it's meant to be- it's not meant to detract from the Core interactions what matters most if. [NOISE]

MALE_1: [NOISE] Got it, got it. Good stuff. Thanks so much Alex Himel, VP of Local Facebook. Back to you all.