Students across Florida -- and the nation -- held walkouts in solidarity with Parkland, Fla., Wednesday. The protests come one day after Florida House Republicans blocked a move by Democrats to debate a ban on assault weapons in the state.

State Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-Coral Springs) explains the response inside Florida's Capitol to the student protests for more gun control.

"We have not talked about meaningful gun control in 20 years in the state of Florida," says Moskowitz. "It is the students who are the ones getting the attention and making something happen."

It's been one week since the mass shooting inside a Parkland high school left 17 dead.

"These kids are still sad, these kids are still grieving. But they are also determined," says Moskowitz, whose district includes the Parkland community. "They want to see something done."

Until a court ruling in 2017, Florida had a law on the books preventing doctors from discussing gun safety with patients.

"Florida is, unfortunately, the Petri dish for the NRA," says Moskowitz. "I am angrier than angry. I've been going to funeral after funeral, and I'm sad, and I'm distraught."