Google's James Rosenthal on Massive YouTube Use in the Living Room

November 17, 2017

Google's director of global agency James Rosenthal joined Cheddar to discuss YouTube's expansion into the home and how Google's growth.

WPP's CEO Sir Martin Sorrell said Google listens better than Facebook in terms of taking feedback from WPP.

In response, Rosenthal says their relationship could be attributed to working with WPP for a longer amount of time. Rosenthal says Google has learned the best way to get stuff done is to listen, and not impose on what they think is the only way things work.

On how clients are leaning into new initiatives such as virtual reality, Rosenthal says Google would like to first get to the basics and master ROI with clients before taking them to the next level.

In the latest earnings call Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced YouTube viewership in living rooms is up to 100 million hours per day, representing a 70 percent increase year over year. Rosenthal says the numbers speak for themselves on this new way of watching streaming content.


MALE_1: On the last earnings call, uh, Sudar talked about the massive amount of YouTube consumption that was occurring in the living room.

MALE_2: Yup.

MALE_1: And I think that really caught people, uh, by surprise. It was a hundred, [OVERLAPPING] I can't remember what, a hundred-hour, i- it was a hundred something, um.

MALE_2: I think it was like a hu- it was hu- a hundred and seventy percent up year, and yeah, or something like that, but [OVERLAPPING] .

MALE_1: Ho- ho- how- how is this living room thing going in terms of servicing the clients? Are, are you be able to explain to clients now that they can get a audience, a nearly audience-based experience with [OVERLAPPING] YouTube that they were prior to getting on the television [OVERLAPPING] set with that linear TV?

MALE_2: Yeah. So then, I mean the numbers speak for themselves.

MALE_1: Yes.

MALE_2: In so far as if, you know, if you're, you're a strong marketer, you look at the data, you see what we're saying. If you wanna [NOISE] validate by third parties, you get to validate by third parties, feel comfortable. And then we would suggest testing. I mean, do you watch YouTube at home on your your main screen or do your kids?

MALE_1: Uh, Mike, we all watch on our tablets and I watch [OVERLAPPING] on my computer. I, I, I don't quite, I mean, I'm a huge YouTube consumer.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: But I haven't quite done it, and I've a huge connected TV but I don't quite do it on the TV yet.

MALE_2: I, I've started doing it. There are certain things I really like. Like in the, in the UK, you don't get the late night, the US late night shows.

MALE_1: Yeah.

MALE_2: Like FA- Fallon, Kimmel, Colback. So they would come into my subscription feeds, and when I'm home at night, I just pick through them. It's just like watching on [OVERLAPPING] on my laptop.

MALE_1: What about YouTube, YouTube TV? Is that something you can take to market yet or is that too, neigh, soon?

MALE_2: I don't, I don't know very much about that. [OVERLAPPING].

MALE_1: Okay. That's US-based. Okay.

MALE_2: I mean, yeah, it's something that, you know, is, is online. But no, and we're not. I'm not sure with that yet.