Greta Van Susteren: "You'll Have to Ask MSNBC Why They Fired Me"

November 15, 2017

Greta Van Susteren anchored at three of the biggest cable news networks: CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Now, Van Susteren is out with a new book titled "Everything You Need to Know About Social Media: Without Having to Call a Kid." Susteren says she was inspired to write this book because she realized there was so much she could still learn, even as an early adopter on these platforms.

We ask Van Susteren about negativity in social media, and she says there are tools you can use, such as blocking, muting, and "not taking the bait." As another tool, Van Susteren launched a new mobile app this week called "Sorry." The app helps people craft apologies. Hope King and Brad Smith demo the app live on Cheddar's program.

Over the summer, Van Susteren parted ways with MSNBC after six months. When asked about reports MSNBC dismissed Van Susteren because she wasn't anti-Trump enough, she says "you'll have to ask MSNBC management" why they parted ways. Van Susteren said, "I'd like to know too."


MALE_1: [MUSIC] Hey, hey. Welcome back to Cheddar. I'm Brad, that's Hope all day everyday, and we're joined now by Greta Van Susteren formerly an anchor on three of the biggest cable networks, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News and now she's out with a new book titled, Everything You Need to Know about Social Media: Without Having to Call a Kid. Greta, thank you so much for joining us here today.

FEMALE_1: It's great to be here. I love your set up. This is fabulous.

MALE_1: We- we love it too.

FEMALE_1: Thank you.

MALE_1: We love that you're here. You've been-

FEMALE_1: Hashtag jealous.

FEMALE_1: Hashtag jealous. Hashtag jealous on hashtag Cheddar Iive, all of them. Ah, so let's talk about this for a second or two because you've been an active social media um it- for years.

FEMALE_1: Yes.

MALE_1: You've been active on-.

FEMALE_1: Since about 2003.

MALE_1: Absolutely. So an early adopter of Twitter using the platform for nearly a decade. What inspires you to write a book about this?

FEMALE_1: Well actually, I've been out since 2003, which I tell everybody can tell I was really doing my own stuff because of all the misspelled words, the missing words. I know, we know highfalutin um editor. But so, I- I was always very int- very curious, I thought I knew everything about it and then about a year and a half ago I asked a question, which I thought was quite sophisticated about Instagram, since I had been on it for about a couple of years to my uh 25 year old niece Delaney and she goes, "seriously!" And I went, "uh yeah, seriously! " She said, "you don't know that?" And I said, "no, I don't just go around asking questions for things I know the answer to." And so anyway, what I realized is that so much I didn't know. So I did all this research. I dug into it and it's absolutely fascinating, there is so much to know and it's so fun, but there's so many simple principles just to get everybody started which is what I put in the book.

MALE_1: Absolutely.

FEMALE_2: Well, since you've been on Twitter since the beginning, you've seen it change over the years too. People have said now that, Twitter has gotten a little bit too ugly, people want to deactivate. I mean, there's a lot of nastiness on the platform but as a user, are you reacting to that negativeness?

FEMALE_1: Well I'm- I'm not- okay I get a lot of that. I get- because I'm in the public life, of course I get- you know I get a lot of the nasty but I get a lot of good too. I get a lot of great people follow me. But there are tools, you can- you can block, you can mute and most importantly don't take the bait. If you take the bait then you're gonna to get into a fight, and then you're getting it wrapped up and then it gets really ugly. You know I just- I ignore the bait and if you- that's all you have to do.

FEMALE_2: I wish I can mute people in real life. [LAUGHTER] Like when AR becomes like a real reality.

FEMALE_1: Yeah.

FEMALE_2: I wanna just be like, I muted you online. You should be muted right now.

MALE_1: That was a black mirror episode too, wasn't it? I mean.


MALE_1: Oh yeah, big time. Black mirror on Netflix that should be the show to chip in.

FEMALE_2: No, I've seen it. I don't-.

MALE_1: Yeah.

FEMALE_2: Remember that episode but anyway so that's something that you've adopted and you don't take the bait um-.

FEMALE_1: Oh, but I have fun with it too. Some guy said something really insulting to me the other day, so I go to his home page and at his home page he says that he blocks insulters or something like that.

FEMALE_2: Yeah.

FEMALE_1: So then I- then I thought, well how you gonna block yourself, you know? [LAUGHTER]

MALE_1: And so in all of this, I mean, you've said that, it's incumbent on all of us to use social and make sure that when- when we're on the platform, we're using it the right way. There are so many trolls out there-.

FEMALE_1: Yeah.

MALE_1: As you've talked about. Ah you know, in all of this, where do you see a lot of the platforms needing to be perhaps even more regulated or are you [OVERLAPPING]?

FEMALE_1: Okay, no no. Let's- I mean, first of all the- the- the platform denied that, they think that just like the telephone company, that they're not journalism. Well, the problem is that they're putting a lot of journalism on, they're- they're much more like Drudge Report than they are like the telephone company. So they really got a choice, because the people are mad, the government's mad. They better figure out a solution for themselves, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or anyone else, because if they don't, the government will. So you know just in terms of self-defense um the- these media plat- these platforms, which are media platforms, I think, they better figure out a solution for themselves.

FEMALE_2: Alright, I wanna pull up the, "Sorry app" right now. Uh, you tweeted earlier today that Louis C.K. should use it, we're gonna pull up [LAUGHTER] its on my phone. I downloaded "Sorry App". It just came out yesterday. Did you code any of this?

FEMALE_1: No, I didn't code them. I would say, no, no. I- I hardly got to algebra in high school.


FEMALE_2: How would we- how would we see Louis C.K's apology on here? Would he-.

FEMALE_1: If he- if he.

FEMALE_2: Would it be like promoted?

FEMALE_1: He would have to download the app. He would have to go to the iPhone store or the- or the uh Google store, download the app, and then all he has to do is press this- the- this plus, and he does his apology and then, everybody gets to see the apology. We all get to vote, whether to accept it or not.

FEMALE_2: Wow.

MALE_1: This is his tweet from-.

FEMALE_2: This is the tweet- this is the tweet that you said uh [OVERLAPPING] earlier today.

FEMALE_1: Or- or if he does some video, I would put his video on.

FEMALE_2: Right.

FEMALE_1: So but- or I could put the text on him. I mean, there all these sort different features that we're pulling out but right now, anybody can get on the app-.

FEMALE_2: I know.

FEMALE_1: And do the apology.

FEMALE_2: Sorry roomie. This person is saying. I'm sorry, I ate your macaroni and cheese. [LAUGHTER] And it looks like 8 people said it was an acceptable apology and four said it was not acceptable. [LAUGHTER] Um, I mean, this is like a pretty nice Mea culpa, like not only are you are admitting it to the person but you're telling the whole world what a bad roommate you are.

FEMALE_1: But seriously, I think there's another feature, it's like Snap and this is gonna rule out in next couple weeks, where you personally like, let's say that, I don't want- I don't want you to see my apology-.

MALE_1: Yeah.

FEMALE_1: Because I'm just- so I just wanna send it to you. You watch it, and then it disappears like snap in 15 seconds so you can't use it against me. So I- look at- look at this- look at what Greta did. And then it- and then um, you accept it or reject it. But here's the- here's how we're gonna make money on this. Mostly you say, obviously can't figure how to monetize e-commerce, is that-.

FEMALE_2: Right.

FEMALE_1: Uh, if you accept it I'll send you flowers, I'll send you chocolates or something else.

FEMALE_2: Greta, I'm so sorry. We have to cut this short but right before we let you go, Trump is going to be coming on, there's some report saying that MSNBC dismissed you because you were anti-Trump enough, is that right?

FEMALE_1: You have to ask- all I can say is my range were up 94 percent in less than six months over the show I replaced. And you'll have to ask MSC-NBC management, why they fired me? I'd like to know too.

FEMALE_2: Okay. All right, Greta it was so great to have you on.


FEMALE_2: Thank you so much. Her book and her app, it's called uh Sorry, and sorry we have to let her go at his point. That's Greta Van Susteren. She's the author of Everything You Need to Know about Social Media: Without Having to Call a Kid, now on sale.