Guy Branum Pits Celebrities Against Each Other in Late Night Comedy Show

February 17, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

Based on Guy Branum’s popular live comedy show, Talk Show the Game Show” is a combination of two different television formats smashed together. Branum sits down with Alyssa Juya Smith in Los Angeles to discuss the show that pits celebrities against each other.

Branum explains that the series basically has celebrities competing for the title of “Best Guest of the Night.” Each week, guests come to play, not plug, scoring points every time they complete a well-known talk show trope.

Branum explains that the guests get a prize if they win, in true game show fashion, but the prizes are a bit ridiculous, like a month's supply of coconut water. In the first returning episode, actresses Melissa Joan Hart and Caroline Rhea have a mini Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunion. Branum also reveals some of this celebrity wish list for his upcoming season.

"Talk Show the Game Show" airs Thursdays at 11pm ET/PT on truTV.