Innit App: The Future of Cooking

If you ever stare at the random assortment of ingredients in your fridge and wonder how you can possibly turn those items into a palatable meal, then Innit could be the best new app for you. Innit is a new app that streamlines and personalizes the cooking process from the store, to your fridge, to your plate.

Cheif Daniel Norton is the Culinary Manager at Innit and he joins Cheddar to explain how Innit is simplifying the cooking process. He understands that families and people today don't have time to cook elaborate meals. The focus for many families is on health, convenience, and speed. Norton says that Innit helps consumers step by step so there is no lost time when it comes to cooking. He also explains how the app is personalized to your dietary and lifestyle choices.

When asked if Innit is a competitor to Blue Apron, Norton said absolutely.

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