Rally Rd. is a platform where high-value assets are evaluated, split into shares, and then offered as investments. The first assets that Rally Rd. is offering up are classic cars. The team at Rally Rd. wanted to create an alternative investment option that people could get excited about. Rob Petrozzo, CPO and co-founder of Rally Rd., and Max Niederste-Ostholt, CFO & co-founder of Rally Rd., join Cheddar to explain their new platform. The investments process runs through an iPhone app. And while consumers can invest in the cars, they cannot drive them. Currently the team is working with 6 cars in their collection. In terms of selling the cars or continuing to add to the collection, the jury is out. Rally Rd. wants to both build a collection with multiple different offerings, and also to sell when it is of best interest for their investors. Would you invest in classic cars?