Is Investing FOMO Real?

February 28, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

Your Cheddar hosts Kristen Scholer and Tim Stenovec discuss the biggest stories in business, the market, and personal finance.

While February was a wild month for stocks, everyday investors mostly hung in. They're apparently not willing to try to time the market. The volatility in February came as a shock to individual stock investors after a long period of calm and steady market growth. Early in the month the S&P 500 and the Dow fell into correction territory, both marked by a 10% decline from their earlier highs.

Plus, a growing number of companies are now paying their employees to get more financially savvy. The companies are concerned about the impact money problems are having on their workers' stress and productivity levels. As part of these "financial-wellness programs", employers are handing out cash and other incentives to get staffers to shore up their finances.