Kimbal Musk's Big Non-Profit Announcement

January 17, 2018
Updated 5mo ago

Kimbal Musk is on a mission to bring clean and good food to kids and families across the country. That is why he joins Cheddar to make some big announcement about his non-profit.

Big Green is now a national non-profit servicing cities across the country. The next city Musk will travel to is Detroit. The plan is to build 100 Learning Gardens in schools across the city. The plan will cost around $5 million and will be the first leg of Musk's goal to build 1,000 more Learning Gardens in new cities by 2020.

Musk says Big Green has perfected growing the gardens at scale. The architecture of each garden is the same, making management and infrastructure easy to replicate and monitor. Musk explains that 6 to 7 people can manage all 100 gardens and schools in a city.

And Musk welcomes more competition as Big Green is not a for-profit endeavor. Musk explains, "Competitors mean more impact...and we need all the help we can get."

The impact has been huge for communities and students. Musk says he regularly gets emails from parents of Learning Garden kids who have demanded kale and the parents don't know what kale is. For him, this is an example of education starting with kids and impacting whole families and communities.