Lori Arellano and Dana Bomar met over brunch one day in 2012, and their lipstick empire was born. The two co-founded "Melt," and it was quickly a success. The duo sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to talk about how they teamed up to create their successful brand, and what it was like turning it into the digital reality show "Lipstick Empire" for Stage 13.

Arellano and Bomar met while working at the makeup counters at Nordstrom, and their show, "Lipstick Empire," takes a look at how they run their business while juggling friends and family.

The co-founders talk about how Melt is more than a cosmetics brand. They say it allows for freedom of expression through makeup, and enables their fans to unapologetically be themselves. "Lipstick Empire" is currently available to stream on Stage 13.