Luxury Consignment Brand RealReal Expands Brick-and-Mortar Presence

December 6, 2018
Updated 9d ago

By Kate Gill

Handbag heaven is real ー and affordable.

At the very least, consignment brand the RealReal has built a prototype for retail paradise in West Hollywood, Calif., for its new brick-and-mortar location.

Cheddar's own Alyssa Julya Smith took a tour of the sprawling store, lined wall-to-wall with luxury handbags, clothing, and accessories.

The RealReal, which began online, functions as a resale vendor for worn, high-end designer duds. According to the brand's chief authenticator, Graham Wetzbarger, the new location is "all about discovery."

"It has a tactile sensation ー people can come and touch, talk to our experts, and really explore," Wetzbarger said.

But make no mistake, presentational as the store may be, "it's not a museum," Wetzbarger said. "It's not an art gallery. I want you to come in and touch and play, feel the quality of the leather, the quality of the cashmere."

In a sense, Wetzbarger's team has fashioned a classroom that customers can actually afford to experience.

In addition to the RealReal's West Coast store, the brand has a second brick-and-mortar location in New York City's SoHo neighborhood.

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