LA's Top VC Says These Are the Hot Trends in Silicon Beach

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November 20, 2017
Updated 2mo ago

LA has earned a significant amount of attention as a hotbed of innovation and investment. With heavy hitters like SpaceX and Snap calling Los Angeles home, some would say the city is having its moment. Mark Suster, General Partner at Upfront Ventures, says LA isn't having a moment, it's "having a decade". Suster explains why it's no surprise the city is so attractive right now.

Los Angeles is the 3rd largest VC-backed ecosystem. The General Partner at the largest and oldest VC firm in LA says it makes sense that there have been a number of significant achievements in sciences in the city, in fields such as robotics and aerospace, because of all the top engineering programs right in its backyard.

Suster also breaks down the three hottest trends for 2018. He names cryptocurrencies, machine learning and A.I., and VR/AR. Upfront was also an early investor in Starbucks, but Suster says machines are eventually going to put Starbucks baristas out of business.