"Runaways" Actress on Joining the Marvel Universe

November 21, 2017

Angel Parker, star of the new Hulu Marvel series "Runaways," discusses her role as an evil parent to a group of teen superheroes.

Parker says that she used some of her own experiences as a mom to prepare for the role, and even finds herself becoming a mom on set to some of her younger co-stars, even though some are adults themselves.

Parker also reveals she is hopeful and confident the Hulu show, which is executive produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who were responsible for "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl," will become a hit.

The first three episodes of Marvel's "Runaways" are available on Hulu on Tuesday, November 21st.


FEMALE_1: Talking to Rhenzy, who's the actor, who's an adult. I mean [LAUGHTER] he's over 18 but he's playing my son and I, I still get into momma mode and I'm like, "I'm sorry I'm momma-ing. I know that I'm momma-ing," you know, [LAUGHTER] I, I do it to the cast, I do it to everybody. I'm like, "Just stop me stop me. Stop me from momma-ing you."

FEMALE_2: That's a good quality, though. I think wveryone likes a good set mom. [OVERLAPPING]

FEMALE_1: I think so. I think if you want someone to clean up after you I don't know, [LAUGHTER] I can't quite stop myself.

FEMALE_2: So was it challenging to get into this character at all?

FEMALE_1: You know really, Catherine Wilder is very similar to, to how I mean, except for the killing in red robes. [OVERLAPPING] [LAUGHTER] But everything else, you know, sort of just powerful, dynamic, like eye-on-the-prize. I've kind of always been like that even as a child, so it was, it was easy. It was easy. So when I sort of get those parts that are effortless, um, I do question my own sanity a little bit. But then I also, um, get excited about playing it.

FEMALE_2: [NOISE] Definitely. Okay so, did you read any of these original comic books when preparing for the series?

FEMALE_1: I knew nothing. [OVERLAPPING].

FEMALE_2: Okay.

FEMALE_1: I knew absolutely nothing. I mean, I have an 11-year-old boy so I know that Marvel is everything.

FEMALE_2: Right.

FEMALE_1: But I knew nothing. So soon as I got the audition, I had to dive in head first and so I got the comic, I started reading, I started watching every Marvel movie, I'm like this Iron Man [OVERLAPPING] [LAUGHTER] I was like I need, "I need your help with some research." He said, "Okay, mom," you know, telling me everything. [OVERLAPPING] So it was really, it was really fun.

FEMALE_2: So the Runaways, though, is, is nothing like Marvel's other series that are streaming right now [OVERLAPPING] like Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. So, tell us how this is kind of a different story plot when it comes to the superhero movies we're seeing from them.

FEMALE_1: Well, it definitely has that sort of nuance and really diving into the character development that those shows have. [NOISE] But this is a young cast. This is a diverse cast. This is a large cast. So there's so many different angles and so many different ways to tell the story that we really get to, um, understand all these perspectives. So it's kind of cool. You get to see both sides. Like our pilot is the, the first episode and w- the second episode is the same story but told from the parents' perspective. [NOISE] So it's really, we go in, in depth and I just love all that color on the screen. It just makes me happy.