Moët & Chandon Says Bubbly Isn't Just for New Year's

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November 21, 2017
Updated 2mo ago

Most people associate Thanksgiving dinner with heavy flavors like turkey, cranberry sauce, beer, and wine. Moët & Chandon's Daria Sikorski, a champagne specialist, stopped by to tell Cheddar why Thanksgiving is a great time to drink champagne.

She suggested pairings that work well with turkey, pies, and more.

Sikorski says it's a good idea to start your party off with Moët Minis. The small bottles are a festive way to greet guests who will love enjoying their own personalized bottle of champagne. She also gives tips on how to store, chill, and open champagne bottles.

We learned all about Moët & Chandon's rosé. The drinks work well with the sweeter and more savory sides of the classic Thanksgiving meal. Sikorski busts the myth that champagne is best served in flutes, explaining why a wine glass is better for the drink's overall flavor.