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Ogilvy Restructures for the Digital Era

December 14, 2017

John Seifert, Worldwide Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy, discusses Disney's purchase of 21st Century Fox assets for $52.4 billion. He weighs in on what net neutrality might mean for advertising and the upcoming GOP tax reform bill.

Seifert discusses the opportunity a deal opens up for advertisers, and how the industry will have to adapt to a new organizational structure. He weighs in on net neutrality, noting that any repeal may be short-lived and that ultimately, what is best for the consumer will win out.

We talk Ogilvy's complete restructuring, in which it's eliminated several subdivisions and focused on uniting its entities under one single umbrella. We talk the company's focus on millennials and creating a more diverse workforce, with more women at the top and a greater focus on company culture.