"One Tree Hill" Actor Chad Michael Murray's Got a New Book

November 21, 2017

Chad Michael Murray is known as teen heartthrob Lucas Scott on "One Tree Hill," but the actor is all grown up, and has channeled his love for storytelling into a career as a novelist. Chad sat down with Alyssa Julya Smith to talk about wanting to put the stories in his head onto paper.

Murray reveals he is extremely proud of his "One Tree Hill" co-stars coming together to stand up against showrunner Mark Schwahn, who has been accused of sexual harassment throughout his tenure on the popular teen drama.

The actor explains how partnering with Heather Graham, who has written over 150 novels, for his book was a dream come true in perfecting his craft.


Chad Michael Murray: When I originally wrote it, I wrote it as a screenplay.

FEMALE_1: Okay.

Chad Michael Murray: With the idea of myself playing River. And I had this vision of, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm a big outdoorsy guy. I, I backpack and camp all the time, so this has a lot to do with me. I mean, the dog is kind of based on my dog, who passed away actually. One of the reasons Heather and I teamed up was because of my dog and he's actually in the book. Different name, but similar [NOISE] heart. Uh, um, and yeah, I mean, that's kind of what I would like to do, but I'm one of those guys who's like, you know, if, um, Harrison Ford was Iike, you know, hey man, I really would love to do, I'm gonna go. Hey, Harrison, why don't you play River, you know, you could do it.

FEMALE_1: [OVERLAPPING] Yeah, you, you would give up River for Harrison Ford.

Chad Michael Murray: Yeah, I would give up River for Harrison Ford and, you know, Brad Pitt and a long list of people that I admire.

FEMALE_1: Will we see more downness in this path? What will be a continuation, what will be a sequel from you?

Chad Michael Murray: We are working on a follow up currently.

FEMALE_1: Okay.

Chad Michael Murray: And, I gotta tell you, I went through the first two chapters. We've been working on this between- just sending messages back and forth to conceptualize what the world's going to be and where River goes from here. And we got through the first prologue and chapter [NOISE] and I had goosebumps.