John Ackerly, CEO of data protection company Virtru, joins Cheddar to talk about the state of cybersecurity in America. He says that if you're a company now asking what you can do to protect the "crown jewels" and the customer, then it's already too late for you. He says the right question is, "How can I identify what is important and move the walls around the data itself, not the system as a whole?" The most recent breach that has shocked Americans involves Uber. The company paid a $100,000 ransom to hackers to delete data stolen from 57 million customers. This hack happened in 2016 but was just disclosed before Thanksgiving. Ackerly says it's not so much about the breach itself, it's about the coverup. So how do you respond efficiently to a company when you discover a hack? Trust is a major factor in customer retention, and he believes Uber leadership has a lot of work to do in order to clean up this mess. He believes former CEO Travis Kalanick started Uber in order to make people's lives easier, but that vision got lost. It was no longer about the consumer, it was about covering his tracks. Virtru takes powerful data protection standards and integrates them with everyday applications, such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, in order to try to protect sensitive information.