Quicken Loans CEO: Millennials Have Changed the Real Estate Market

November 17, 2017

Quicken Loans is the largest online retail mortgage lender in the country. It has been leading the push towards digitization in the mortgage industry for over a decade.

It is also at the heart of Downtown Detroit's revitalization. The company moved its headquarters into the Motor City in 2010 and has been committed to investing in the city ever since.

Jay Farner, CEO at Quicken Loans, explains why the company ditched its brick-and-mortar stores years ago. He says that people are going to see even more mortgage lenders making the same move.

Farner also shares why Quicken Loans is so heavily invested in the Detroit community. He says that commitment isn't changing anytime soon.


MALE_1: S- so look, first time homebuyers are always gonna be younger folks, but millennials have changed the industry because what they expect. [NOISE] And if you look at people's lives and how they can do everything on their telephone, that's the same expectation they have for a mortgage. [NOISE] And so we looked at that and said, we've gotta reinvent the space. And we came up with a rocket mortgage [OVERLAPPING] which is the opportunity to give that power to our, to our client and let them make the decisions. What kind of mortgage they could afford? Where they want to live? All of those things. So, they've, their demands on client experience and client service have forced companies, uh, to to really rethink how the process works.

MALE_2: Uh, Jade, tell us a little bit about some of the innovations that really excite you about where things are going in terms of the financial and housing industry right now.

MALE_1: Yes. So, look, all this data and information, a mortgage it's just data and information, your, your income, your assets, your credit, [NOISE] all of that's available, uh, electronically. [NOISE] And the old way of doing things is collecting all this paperwork and that puts a burden on the lender, but more importantly, it puts a burden on the client to [NOISE] dig through all of that. So why not invent something where all of that data can come in electronically and with a push of a button, you can get an approval? With a push of a button, you can figure out how much you can afford. And so, your, your, our clients can focus on where they want to live, the type of house they want to buy. They don't worry about getting the financing. So that's, it's that electronic available, uh, availability to data that's really changed things.

MALE_2: Well, let's go wi- and we talked to some, um, um, a moment ago, about, you know, the fact that you guys shed the brick and mortar about 16 years ago [OVERLAPPING] and really focused online. Why did you guys decide to do that? I want you to go a little bit more depth in that. What was really kind of the changing factor for you on that?

MALE_1: Well, the Internet, obviously. And I think at that point in time, we thought, you really need to commit to one channel. Uh, and so, if we were operating brick and mortar offices and trying to focus on the internet, we wouldn't do either, uh, [OVERLAPPING] to the best .