Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new way for companies to raise capital. It gives people the opportunity to invest without having millions of dollars. The concept hasn't quite taken off in popularity, but some companies are already using it to their advantage.

Aristotle Loumis, Founder and CEO of Ellison Eyewear, shares how his company used the new tool to get off the ground. Since launching, sunglass maker Ellison Eyewear has raised about $300,000 using various types of crowdfunding, some of which was through cryptocurrency.

Loumis says he was inspired to create the company after a trip to Greece. All of the company's products are created in family-owned workshops in Greece.

Ellison Eyewear features a "loss-insured" membership. For people who are prone to losing their sunglasses, customers can get replacements without paying full price for a new pair.