Rep. McEachin (D-VA): "The American People" Lose From Tax Reform Bill

December 11, 2017
Updated 2mo ago

GOP negotiators are still hammering out the final details of the party’s tax plan, in a reported effort to have the proposal on President Trump’s desk by next week. A CBS News poll from last week found that 53 percent of people nationwide disapprove of the GOP tax bill, while only 35 percent approve.

Democrats argue that the bill raises the national deficit over $1 trillion, hurts the middle class, and makes the rich richer. Rep. Donald McEachin (D-VA) added another woe to the mounting list: the proposed tax reform would actually hinder Trump’s aggressive military buildup promises.

“The American people are the losers under this bill,” he said, enumerating all of the issues he sees with the proposed legislation. “In addition, in a state like mine (Virginia), where military spending is so important, they’re robbing the military as well from buildup.”

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