Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA): Congress Needs to Step Up to Spread Tech Development Across the U.S.

Congressman Ro Khanna represents the 17th district of California, better known as Silicon Valley. Khanna says that, despite the administration's insistence Republican tax reform will help the middle class, it will actually help corporations, including big tech companies.

Through his travels around the country, the Congressman learned that many communities want to embrace tech, but lack the resources. He believes the combination of federal and private-sector investment will help digitize towns all across America. Khanna says President Trump does not have his priorities straight when it comes tech investments.

Congressman Khanna spoke with Cheddar moments after the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality. The Representative called the decision "devastating," because it will directly hurt consumers pocketbooks. Every other country, he says, is strengthening net neutrality, and America should be doing the same.

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