SoundCloud CEO: Repealing Net Neutrality Is the "Wrong Move"

December 14, 2017
Updated 2mo ago

The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality regulations Thursday, setting up what could be a long, intense battle from those who say the move would change the face of the internet as we know it.

Kerry Trainor, the CEO of music-streaming service SoundCloud, joined Cheddar in an interview before the vote and said a rollback would be the wrong move.

“If gatekeepers are able to dictate which services consumers actually have access to, and the cost bases at which those can be delivered, it just reduces consumer choice,” he said. “I think it would be a big step backwards if we eliminate that.”

Trainor noted that eliminating net neutrality wouldn’t affect his company in particular, but says the Obama-era protections do good for the overall health of the web.

Critics say the FCC’s decision will allow internet providers to slow down access to content or block their ability or favor their own services over that of rivals. Smaller tech start-ups that might be deprioritized in such an environment, as well as industry giants such as Google and Facebook that say they were able to grow in an “open internet” have voiced their opposition.

Meanwhile telecom and cable providers like AT&T and Comcast argue a rollback allows them to invest more in next generation technology. The companies, though, have promised to maintain an “open internet” even if the rules are eliminated.

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