By Madison Alworth

In the sharing economy, you don't need a huge dining room to throw a luxurious dinner party. You can just rent one.

That's the idea behind Splacer, a new start-up that aims to be the Airbnb of event spaces.

"Airbnb laid the first foundation stone of understanding we can share space," said Splacer CEO Adi Biran.

Her company, she said Thursday in an interview on Cheddar, wants to take the sharing economy one step further.

"Splacer's offering the rest of the spaces. If we can share our own homes, why wouldn't we share our offices, our churches, galleries, distilleries, barber shops, and so on?" she asked.

Splacer offers space rental either by the hour or per day. The start-up encourages consumers to find the perfect spot for their art, special events, parties, and beyond.

The company first launched in Tel Aviv, Israel, but has since expanded to five U.S. cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago.

The once-foreign idea of a gig economy is now growing even within individual industries. Ride-sharing started with Uber and Lyft and now includes bike and scooter companies like Bird and Lime. So perhaps it makes sense that real estate rentals branched into bigger spaces.

"This is something that will be extensively used by everyone who is really looking to access a space as opposed to owning it," Biran said.

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