The First Film to Get Picked Up at SXSW

March 12, 2018
Updated 5mo ago

Before the 2016 presidential election, writer/director Andrew Bujalski didn’t think his film about the workers at a roadside sports bar was very relevant.

But after President Trump got elected, the man behind “Support the Girls” thought it was the perfect time to tell the stories of Americans who often go overlooked.

“It’s not an advocacy movie though,” Bujalski said in a recent interview. “It’s really just about these characters, these people, their feelings, what they’re going through.”

"Support the Girls" stars Regina Hall as an optimistic manager of a “bar with curves”. The film explores her relationship with her husband, her boss, and her female employees. The women become like a family as the story unfolds.

Hall told Cheddar that she admires how Bujalski was able to make the cast relatable.

“Everyone was different, but kind of united in that familial situation, all really human,” she said during the interview. “They’re people like us, with the same needs, wants, desires, disappointment, frustrations, everything.”

"Support the Girls" premiered at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Tex. this past weekend. It was the first film to secure a distribution deal at the event, with Magnolia Pictures getting on board.

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