To accelerate efforts to increase gender equality in 2018, some of the world's top female leaders met at the New York Stock Exchange for the first-ever Women in Corporate Leadership Initiative. Marlene Schiappa, France's Secretary of State for Gender Equality breaks down how the group is pushing for equality in the year ahead.

Despite some progress in 2017, men still hold 81% of board chairs and make up 95% of CEOs. On Wall Street, there are no female CEOs. Schiappa said there are several ways governments can work to improve diversity, including implementing quotas and protecting maternity leave.

France's President Emmanuel Macron has called gender equality the "great cause" of his five-year term. Schiappa said she has seen progress in female representation in Parliament because Macron decided to send women in France to run for the elections. Thanks to that, the country has doubled its female representation in parliament, said Schiappa.