The Top Affordable Cities for Tech Jobs

February 21, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

When you think of the most popular city for tech jobs Silicon Valley most likely comes to mind. However, new data shows that other cities are emerging as tech hotbeds and they are even more affordable than California. Alex Mahavedan, Data Journalist at The Penny Hoarder joins Your Cheddar to discuss the top cities you may want to consider when looking for a tech job right out of college.

Mahavedan dug into data from an Abodo study and added regional price parity data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis to come up with the top ten most affordable cities. He was most surprised by Columbus, Ohio and St. Louis, Missouri. The most affordable city? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Mahavedan explains that Amazon has shortlisted both Indianapolis and Pittsburgh for its new headquarters, which is why many are looking at those particular cities as potential areas for tech growth. Plus, Raleigh, North Carolina is in the center of the "Research Triangle", a section of North Carolina with a large number of high tech companies.