Flying in an Uber will cost about as much as an Uber X in a couple of years.

That’s according to a NASA vet-turned Uber executive, who told Cheddar that the airborne vehicle’s effectiveness would drive down its cost.

“These aircrafts are six times more productive, six times faster than a car stuck in traffic on the ground,” Uber Engineering Director of Aviation Mark Moore said Tuesday. “Each one of these vehicles can carry three to four people.”

The company was joined by Bell Helicopter at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas to offer a sneak peek of what the electric taxis will look like. This is a part of its Uber Elevate program, which was unveiled last year.

To push the initiative, Uber recently inked a deal with NASA to coordinate air grids. The technology will launch between 2023 and 2025 and will operate in Dubai, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

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