Using Dating Tech to Hook Up Entrepreneurs with Funding

February 20, 2018
Updated 3mo ago

Matchmaking technology isn't exclusive to the dating world. is using the same idea to hook up entrepreneurs with funding. The company's CEO, Michael Short, was with us to share why it's a big deal to innovate lending to small businesses. isn't the only company looking to give small-business owners capital. Amazon is stepping up its efforts in lending recently by partnering with Bank of America. Short said his platform solves the inefficiency in small business lending by offering a common application that exposes the companies to over 14,000 potential trusted and transparent lenders.

It was reported that Amazon Lending annual rates typically range from 6% to 14%. Short said rates on his platform are very competitive to Amazon's. He emphasized transparency and pointed out that 1 in 5 small businesses apply for loans from predatory online lenders.