The Rise of Hoda Kotb

January 4, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

VF Hive editor Jon Kelly, Kristen Scholer and the rest of the Hive Panel discuss the biggest stories of the week in politics, business and technology. Emily Jane Fox reports on her story on the rise of Hoda Kotb to Matt Lauer's former spot on the 7am and 8am hours of the Today Show on NBC. She discusses the notion that this role would have traditionally gone to a male. The panel also discusses a report on Fox that NBC had access to data indicating Matt Lauer's favorability had been declining for years.

Nick Bilton joins the discussion to weigh in on Uber's recent $20 billion haircut with latest investment from Softbank. They also talk about how this could impact a potential return for former CEO Travis Kalanick.

Bess Levin reports on the resurfacing of Anthony Scaramucci and what may be next for him. They debate the likelihood of a return to the White House for The Mooch. Tom Frank joins in to discuss Trump's use of Twitter in his feud with Kim Jong-un. Nick Bilton weighs in to talk about how far the social media platform has become, and the unfortunate things it can now be used for.

Emily Jane Fox returns to report on the recent trouble for Donald Trump Jr. in the Russia investigation. They discuss whether President Trump can protect his son and create separation from Don Jr. and Jared Kushner.