What Kathy Ireland Says Brands Are Getting Wrong About Millennials

November 20, 2017

Charlotte-based marketing and branding company Level Brands just went public on the NYSE Friday, then closed Monday at $5.41, below its opening price of $6. In the Regulation A+ IPO, Level Brands raised nearly $12 million. Kathy Ireland, Chief Brand Strategist and Chairman Emeritus at the company, says Level Brands is using the funding for brand development and expansion for companies it believes in.

Ireland says brands that struggle to reach millennials don't listen. Today, millennials are demanding transparency. As a result, the most transparent brands are the most successful according to Ireland.

In September, Level Brands licensed kathy ireland® Health & Wellness. Other Level Brand business units include Beauty & Pin-Ups, Ireland Men One, and Encore Endeavor One. Ireland says she's encouraged by the initial days of trading on the NYSE. Bringing democracy from Wall Street to main street was important to Level Brands in this IPO, says Ireland.


MALE_1: When you look across the landscape of companies that are trying to appeal to millennials, what do you think the majority of them are doing wrong in terms of branding, in terms of strategy and strategy in terms of marketing?

KATHY: I- I think the ones who are not doing it wrong are the ones who were not listening. I think that the millennials and Gen Z, they're demanding, the an- and that's a good thing. They demand transparency. So, how is as important as what, is what we're offering, the price to value ratio. But they wanna know how. How are these products being made? What's going on in the factories? Behind the scenes? Are they environmentally [NOISE]? So, this is- a- this is core to all that we're doing at Level Brands. And we- we're we've got wonderful companies within Level Brands including I'M1, which is co-founded by Tommy Meharey. He's a millennial. He's a Marine. Uh, he's a- world leading male model, and an awesome dad. It's for men, millennial men and women who love them. EE1 is our experiential brand, co-founded by Nick Mendoza. And it includes television, publishing, travel. It's exciting. Uh, Nick's first project and his first musical project, Up, Up and Away, with Marylin McCoo, Billy Davis Jr, there is much going on there. And we are working with strong companies. American Family Insurance is our Dream Fearlessly partner with Kathy Ireland worldwide, and we are bringing into production the Dream Fearlessly program for next year. Some extraordinary companies. Also, David Tutera who is expanding his wedding business into all areas of fashion and design in it's