Why Ripple Embraces Regulations in the Crypto Space

March 15, 2018

The prospect of increased regulations may have the crypto world reeling, but one Ripple exec says he welcomes any changes.

“There are definitely fraudulent campaigns and projects out there that are trying to take advantage of investor interest in this category,” managing director Danny Aranda told Cheddar.

“Having regulatory clarity for entrepreneurs is a very, very good thing. It gives you a clear state of play, let’s you know what the rules are.”

His comments echo the concerns prompting intensified scrutiny of the space.

Google this week said it will ban ads for cryptocurrencies and other unregulated financial products starting in June in an attempt to combat potential scams. Facebook made a similar decision earlier this year.

But Aranda isn’t worried. He said during Thursday’s interview that, whether controls come from regulators or social media platforms, new rules only help the industry.

“Over the long term, what you’ll see is greater regulatory clarity in the space,” he said. “You’ll see greater acceptance about best practices.

“The markets will become more educated about what are good projects, and that would make everyone more comfortable in the underlying value of these things.”

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