Why WePay and TouchBistro Are Teaming Up

March 12, 2018
Updated 5mo ago

Payment processing platform WePay is teaming up with TouchBistro, a point of service software for restaurants, to cook up innovation in the dining industry -- one that hasn’t really changed with the times.

“It’s only really recently that we’re seeing a lot of innovation there,” Bill Clerico, Co-founder and CEO of WePay, told Cheddar on Monday.

“The ability to order food ahead and pay at the table and see a menu on an iPad, those are some really cool things that are shaking up this old industry.”

The partnership was announced last week and, according to Clerico, it isn’t going to angle for the same slice of the market as competitors like Square.

“Square is really focused on the smaller restaurants, the smaller retailers,” explained Clerico. “Where we see TouchBistro play is sort of larger restaurants that need more sophisticated systems to manage a larger operation.”

“This market is massive and there are different competitors playing in different parts of that market.”

The partnership will roll out an instant payment processing system and an integrated mobile payment device so that customers can pay at the table.

Additionally, TouchBistro will be able to tap into the vast network of businesses that bank with Chase, which owns WePay.

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