Will SpaceX's Internet Satellite Change the Broadband Game?

February 16, 2018
Updated 1mo ago

Elon Musk’s latest mission is to deliver Americans their internet from space.

The billionaire’s company SpaceX is set to launch two experimental satellites Saturday, the first step in building a large network that could disrupt the broadband industry.

“Satellite internet today, which does exist and is accessible in rural areas, is taken from geostationary orbits, which means they’re super high up, and they stay over one spot on the Earth all the time,” said Space.com associate editor Sarah Lewin. “Whereas SpaceX’s technology would be a lot more satellites, smaller, and not in geostationary orbits. They would be moving around the Earth and giving a lot more coverage.”

Musk is testing a project called Starlink, a constellation of thousands of non-stationary satellites, which aims to improve internet access in hard-to-serve and rural areas. The project is part of an initiative that Musk announced back in 2014, in which he promised “unfettered” and “very low-cost” internet for the masses.

But SpaceX is not the only company in the game. OneWeb, Space Norway, and Telesat have also submitted applications to the FCC.

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