Will the Shift to Video Streaming Change the Way People Watch Movies?

November 20, 2017

Alicia Lutes, Managing Editor at Nerdist, discusses DC Comics new "Justice League" film and how important the success is for the studio.

We dig into Rotten Tomatoes' decision to delay the critics score of the film, with critics calling it a way to benefit Warner Bros., who owns 30 percent of the film review site. Lutes notes that she believes the criticism is overblown, adding that people are going to see the films they want to see regardless of the critics reviews.

Lutes tells Cheddar that partnerships between theaters and streaming companies like Netflix that allow the dual releases of new films on both platforms, can be the future of cinema.

The interviewed featured the importance of transparency between studios, reviewers, and moviegoers in terms of possible conflicts of interest, such as the one with Warner Bros and Rotten Tomatoes.

Lutes emphasizes that it is important to keep in mind that film critics are also lovers of cinema and that it is "short-sighted" to insinuate that they are deterring the theater experience as a whole.


MALE_1: Th- things that I saw this weekend in terms of how these movies are being released in the shift towards streaming as well, is that partnership that took place with um, with Netflix, I believe, and select movie theaters. Do you think we'll see more of that in the- the title I'm thinking of is Mudbound. I mean, do you think we'll see more of that? That simultaneous release that takes place on the streaming platform, as well as in, ah, i- in the silver screens in select areas?

FEMALE_1: Yeah, I think we will, because I think it's a really intelligent strategy, because the fact of matter is is that we're consuming media in so many different ways now, and you have to kind of adapt to that. Er, not everybody wants to spend, you know, $40 on two movie tickets in a night out plus dinner, you know, that's a big expense now. But people are more than happy to come home with their significant other or their friends and sit around and watch a movie together with snacks that they made at their house or, you know, around their dorm room and stuff. So I think it's really ah a very prudent business move.