"Wonder's" Jacob Tremblay on the Oscars, Working With Julia Roberts, and "Star Wars"

November 22, 2017

There's a new tearjerker earning rave reviews in Hollywood. "Wonder" tells the story of a young boy with facial differences caused by a genetic condition. Eleven-year-old Jacob Tremblay stars in the movie and joins us to discuss why he thinks the film might make the world a better place.

He reveals what it was like working alongside Julia Roberts who plays his mom in the movie. He's got plenty of experience working with A-list talent after starring in "Room" with Brie Larson. Jacob looks back at his spotlight-stealing trip to the Oscars in 2016 and tells us what he hopes he'll get to do at next year's ceremony.

Finally, in honor of Tremblay's new movie, we put him to the test in a game of "I Wonder Who Said It." Jacob tells us whether certain quotes can be attributed to Stevie Wonder or Wonder Woman. Then, we get this Star Wars fanatic's thoughts on the new sequel, and what part he'd most want to play in a Star Wars franchise movie.


MALE_1: Hey guys welcome back to Between Bells. There's a new tear jerker getting lots of rave reviews at the box office. Wonder stars Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. But it's an 11-year-old playing in the movie's lead character that's stealing the entire spotlight, you know this person very well. Jacob Tremblay from the Oscar winning movie Room is joining us now. Hey Jacob, how are ya?

MALE_2: Hey guys? [OVERLAPPING] Nice to meet You.

MALE_1: Nice to meet [OVERLAPPING] . Looking great today, Jacob. Uh, Jacob, you said that by taking this role in this new movie that's out right now, that you can kind of help change the world. What do you mean by that?

MALE_2: Well, I mean, uh, chi- It's about chilling kind and cheesing kind is- is just doing whatever you can to make someone else's day better by including others or just easily smiling. And that's why I'm so happy to team up with Crest to help spread the message through smiles. Because Cr- Crest is- is helping people have a healthy- have a healthy smile.

MALE_3: Ah Jacob, uh, a lot of people are calling this movie a tearjerker, right? Like they're going to the movies and they're walking away [OVERLAPPING] crying crying. Uh, I'm curious, has there been a movie that's made you cry or a TV show that maybe you've liked so much that it's made you cry, anything like that?

MALE_2: Uh, one of the movies that have made me cry were Edward Scissorhands and I think that's actually it.

MALE_1: I cry every time [OVERLAPPING] too. I still feel so sad for him when people aren't very nice to him, because [OVERLAPPING] Scissorhands. Jacob you worked with Julia Roberts in this movie, she's amazing. Did she tell you anything cool? What was she like working with?

MALE_2: Well she was really nice, and she just snapped into being my mom and [LAUGHTER] and so that it help me, you know, pretend that I was her- her son, and I- and she's such a great actor and I learned so much just by watching her act. [OVERLAPPING]

MALE_3: [OVERLAPPING] gladly, uh, good finish.

MALE_2: I saw how- how- how focused she is and how intact she is with her character. And most importantly, I saw how- how kind she is to a cast and crew, and that- that taught me, that no matter how famous you are, you can always choose kind.

MALE_3: [LAUGHTER] That's an amazing [OVERLAPPING] You're getting the opportunity to surround yourself with incredible people. Uh, the co star of your last big movie, Mr. Tremblay, Room won an Oscar for best actress, Ms. Brie Larson begs the question, I mean Baker and I are saying, are you goo- are you a good luck charm for people, and if so, can- can Baker and I [OVERLAPPING] can rub on us a little bit in this interview?

MALE_2: Well, maybe I am a little- a little bit of a good luck charm.

MALE_1: Yeah, look at these photos we're showing you at the Oscars, are you hoping you get to go back this year?

MALE_2: I hope, that was such a fun year.

MALE_1: Yes, so what do you want to do this year at the Oscars that you didn't get to do last time if you get to go?

MALE_2: Well, hopefully our movie gets- gets nominated. I mean, that would be amazing. But just- just, uh, just the feel of being at the Oscars is just amazing.

MALE_1: Yup, I don't blame you.

MALE_3: All righ, I want to ask you a Star Wars ques- question Mr. Jacob because we're all big fans. I know you're huge stars fan. What does the movie The Last Jedi need to do to stand out to you? Because I've heard your- your- you really know your stuff. What does it take? What would it need to do to impress you?

MALE_2: Well, after Force Awakens, uh, that one was so enjoyable and that one really got everything I,I enjoyed. But I- just by watching that trailer, it looks like such a good movie and I'm so excited for it.

MALE_1: Yeah, me too, I can't wait to see it. I'm going to try to go in the first night it's out. Uh, so we know you in this new movie called Wonder. We want to play a little game with you Jacob, it's called, I 'Wonder' Who Said It. I'm going to ask you a question and it's either going to be Stevie Wonder or Wonder Woman. So you just have to say Stevie Wonder or Wonder Woman to this. Okay? All right. Who- I wonder who said it. The Gods made the Amazons to restore peace to the world, and that's what I'm going to do. Who said that? Stevie Wonder.

MALE_2: Wonder Woman.

MALE_1: Wonder Woman [NOISE] [OVERLAPPING]. He doesn't even need me to say what I got.

MALE_3: He doesn't even need it. Okay, here's the next one for you Jacob, who said it Stevie Wonder or Wonder Woman? Like a fool I went and stayed too long, now I'm wondering is your love still strong?

MALE_2: Uh, Stevie Wonder.

MALE_1: He did say that [NOISE] [OVERLAPPING] that's a big Stevie, okay. Next one Jacob. Who said it? Wonder Woman or Stevie Wonder? Only love can truly save the world.

MALE_2: Wonder Woman.

MALE_1: Wonder Woman [NOISE] did say that. All right, I think we got one more.

MALE_3: We got one more for you. Who said it? Wonder Woman or Stevie Woman? I said [LAUGHTER] Stevie Woman [OVERLAPPING] ya gots to work with what you gots to work with.

MALE_3: Yes.

MALE_2: Stevie Wonder.


MALE_1: [OVERLAPPING] But I'm sure Wonder Woman kind of [OVERLAPPING] because it gots to work with what gots to work with.

MALE_3: Of course.

MALE_1: Uh, so, we know that Prince William and Prince Harry will be going to be in the new Star Wars film. They're going to play storm troopers. Does that sound pretty cool to you?

MALE_2: That does sound really cool. I actually didn't know that.

MALE_1: Yeah they're- what we won't know which storm troopers they're playing. Nobody knows, but they're in there somewhere [OVERLAPPING].

MALE_2: Yeah, we'll just- we'll just guess.

MALE_3: [OVERLAPPING] it's that one. Who's your favorite Star Wars character? Because that's always such a hot debate among longtime fans of the franchise.

MALE_2: Mine is probably Luke Skywalker right now.

MALE_3: Okay, right now, as if like it changes?

MALE_2: Uh, I think that Dick Shocker is- what I mean is the classic.

MALE_3: Right.

MALE_1: Okay, so the original vintage Skywalker. Do you want to be in Star Wars? And if so, what character do you want to play?

MALE_2: That'd be awesome if I was in Star Wars. If I could play any character. I would wanna be maybe like, a rebel in training, that'd be pretty cool.

MALE_1: [NOISE] [OVERLAPPING] A rebel in training? I like that idea too. Okay, we gotta talk about Crest. You mentioned it earlier, because that's why you got such a good smile Jacob. Uh, it's all about kindness with Wonder. So what are you doing to spread kindness with Crest? I want to talk a little bit more about that.

MALE_2: Well, we're just- we're just spreading the message choose smiles. Because, smiles can just- well smile is ever- if anyone can- everyone knows what a smile is. I think it's one of the best ways of communicating and showing your- your happiness. And, she thinks smiles is important because, if you smile at someone, they will- they will smile at another person. And, it's like- it spreads. That's- that's my favorite part about smiles.

MALE_1: Me too.

MALE_3: That's amazing. Jacob, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Can you tell us about your plans, what are you doing, anything you're particularly thankful of? Going to a fancy parade? What have you planned?

MALE_2: Well, my- my Thanksgiving, since I'm Canadian, is actually in October, so it already happened. But, I think I'm really thankful for my family, and my food, and my house, and- and- and good water. So, I'm thankful for a lot of things. But I'll- usually at Thanksgiving, we go to- we go to my grandma's house, because she cooks really good turkey and mashed potato.

MALE_1: Is that- what's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Does it have to be the turkey or the mashed potatoes?

MALE_2: It's gonna be the turkey.

MALE_1: Better be Jacob.

MALE_3: Nice. And I love that he's like, I'm Canadian, we already had a [OVERLAPPING] [LAUGHTER].

MALE_1: He's well trained.

MALE_3: You are such a pro man.

MALE_1: Jacob Tremblay is such a pro. The 11-year-old genius. [NOISE] We love you Jacob Tremblay. Thank you so much, we can't wait to see Wonder. Thank you so much.

MALE_2: Thank you for having me.